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May 31, 2012

The American Journal of Surgery published an article about Academic's closed claim research
May 25, 2012

Second Victim Syndrome
September 22, 2011

Hospitals Take Steps to Drive Down Medical Errors in Their Emergency Departments Patient Safety Tool: Transitions of Care Checklist Malpractice Awards in 2010 Lowest on Record Patient Safety a Catalyst for Tighter Infection Controls After Stillbirth, Courts Try to Put a Price on a Mother’s Anguish ACR clarifies Joint Commission's alert on imaging
August 24, 2011

5 Current Trends in Patient Safety Brave new health care tech world brings medical liability issues Building a Culture of Safety: 7 Lessons From a Hospital CEO Communication key to reducing liability claims in patient handoffs HIPAA Access Reports Could Aid Malpractice Attorneys How Health IT-Related Errors Hurt Patient Safety New payment models promote undertreatment, malpractice risks Patient Safety Tool: Medication History/Discharge Order/Patient Instructions Form Patient Safety Tool: Hand Hygiene Questionnaire for Staff Physicians can be first-line deterrents to suits filed by unhappy patients Proper documentation key for reducing risk in negligence lawsuits Study: Just 1 in 5 Medical Malpractice Cases End in Settlements for Patients
July 20, 2011

Despite Protocols, Wrong-Site Surgeries Persist Gotcha! When Malpractice Plaintiffs Fake or Exaggerate Injuries Healthcare Experts Seek Reforms to Prevent Medical Errors Stemming From Fatigue, Lack of Supervision Joint Commission Unveils Wrong Site Surgery Prevention Tool Malpractice suit filed against doctor NY Health and Hospital Corp.'s President Welcomes The Health Law's Promise, But Sees 'A Very Clear Downside' For Public Hospitals Outpatient Setting Carries Equal Malpractice Risk Should EMRs include Joint Commission safety goals? The Pain of Wrong Site Surgery To Curb Malpractice Costs, Judges Jump In Early
June 27, 2011

6 Essential Components of a Culture of Safety in the Operating Room Bariatric Surgery Does Not Improve Survival CMS Issues Proposed Rule Requiring States to Implement Policies for Payment Adjustments for Provider Preventable Conditions Consumers May Be Unaware Of Their Right To A Review Of Health Plan Decisions Joint Commission Announces New 2012 National Patient Safety Goal for CAUTI Lawmakers consider lawyer-friendly medical-malpractice bills Leaders - EMRs Aren't the Answer to Safety Issues Medicaid To Stop Paying For Hospital Mistakes Medical Budget to Include Birth Injury Funds Established in New York National Quality Forum and the Partnership for Patients Launch New Patient Safety Webinar Series CMS New York Judges Aim to Curb Medical Malpractice Litigation Costs Patient Safety Tool: Hand Hygiene Knowledge Assessment Questionnaire The Joint Commission Debuts the Fourth Video in Its Animated Speak Up Series
June 13, 2011

Medical Indemnity Fund - Cover Medical Indemnity Fund
May 19, 2011

Groups target alarm fatigue at hospitals Snyder to sign bill for docs expressing sympathy HHS Will 'Hold Ourselves Accountable' On Plan To Lessen Health Disparities Lawyers Await Specific Regulations on Infant Medical Malpractice Fund Report: Market should rule NY exchange Hospital-physician marriages: What will make this round stick? Why Defensive Medicine Won't Go Away...and Might Become Worse NEJM Clinical Pearls What percentage of injured patients file claims that recover money? Partnership for Patients: Better Care, Lower Costs 9 Steps to a Great Quality Improvement Study ER Visits Keep Increasing, Survey Finds AHRQ Releases Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture Results Medical Malpractice: Tort Reform is A Myth and What Happens When Doctors Apologize How Resolved Malpractice Claims Might Help Reduce Misdiagnosis in the E.R. New Law May Change Doctor's Uniforms Forever Can mandatory checklists actually improve patient safety? Patient Safety Session Malpractice Bill Ready for Full House
May 6, 2011

New Patient Safety Initiative Stresses Teamwork, Not Blame New York needs more primary care and minority docs Health commish: “Let’s try again” on med-mal reform Purple Health Plan: Liberal Aims, Market Means Buerkle cosponsors HEALTH Act of 2011 Hospitals’ Race to Employ Physicians — The Logic Behind a Money-Losing Proposition Regular e-communication with patients is 'inevitable' Med mal indemnity fund debate continues Nevada Transparency Bill May Improve Patient Safety Registered nurse levels affect patient mortality risk Hospitals get half a fix for medical malpractice woes Latest Harvard/CRICO Newsletter Latest Forum published by CRICO/RMF A Proposal for Addressing the Effects of Hindsight and Positive Outcome Biases in Medical Malpractice Cases Evidence-Based Medicine
April 15, 2011

A Maneuver for Shoulder Dystocia Basic Errors by Docs Cause of Most Malpractice Collaborate for Success Surgeons Vary Widely in Their Approaches to Disclosing Medical Errors to Their Patients New York State Legislature Passes Sweeping Health Care Fraud Reform Legislation