About Us Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Academic Group? Where is insurance from Academic available? Who qualifies for coverage from Academic? What types of coverage does the company offer? What is the Academic Group?
The Academic Group consists of member-owned professional liability insurance companies owned and governed by physicians and allied medical and dental professionals to meet the unique needs of teaching faculty. The independent insurance companies operating under the Academic umbrella include Academic Health and Academic Medical. Academic Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Academic Health, provides a full array of insurance services to members, including underwriting, financial management and claims administration. The Group provides coverage to members through Academic Health in New York and nationally through the Vermont-based Academic Medical.
Where is insurance from Academic available?
Academic provides insurance services to teaching physicians, dentists, residents, allied health professionals and private practitioners. Registration is available in all 50 states through its Vermont-based Risk Retention Group and affiliated companies.
Who qualifies for coverage?
Academic Health offers professional medical liability insurance to full-time medical and dental school faculty, residents, foreign physicians and allied healthcare professionals. Coverage may be designed for an entire medical school faculty, a clinical department, or, in some cases, for individual faculty members.

New programs for non-academic physicians and surgeons.
The Risk Retention Group, Academic Medical, may now consider enrollment of private physicians on an individual or group basis. Contact Steven Capone, Vice President & Senior Underwriter, steven.capone@academicgroup.com for more details.
What types of coverages does the company offer?
Academic coverage and limits are designed to meet the applicable standards of the jurisdictions in which its members work and teach, with underwriting working to tailor policies to each customer's specific needs.